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february loves and reviews

by annaleis topham (teapots and tractors) on february 17, 2015 · 7 comments

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each month i am going to bring you a post of 5-10 things that i love. some may be products and events that have been sent to me to review, some will be things i have found on my own and just love so much i am going to share. disclosure will be on each product or thing i love.


    1. big hero 6 – hubby, kids and i went to the cinema at whitfords to see this movie on the school holidays. we actually ran into another farmer and his son there too. all 3 kids and all 3 adults thought it was a great movie. with great themes and characters. hayden compared it to astro boy (the movie). mikala loved the character… and she wanted a handbag/computer like hers. our family recommends all kids aged 4-10 would especially like this one. (and the mums and dads too).
    2. the water diviner – just after christmas rich and i saw our first adult movie in years. and i’m not exaggerating. the water diviner tells the story of a man who goes searching for his sons bodies in gallipoli. i needed tissues and at times it is very sad. however i think russell crowe did a great job at portraying the father. hubby really enjoyed the movie too which means he didn’t fall asleep.

  1. pitch perfect – this rated a late mention after watching it on the tv for the first time last week. i was so enamoured by the film and can’t wait for the next one to come out in may. i love a bit of singing and dancing in a movie!

icetea (gifted products with no need to blog or share)

there is a great company in perth called leaf bean machine and they are purveyors of fine coffee and tea. i have been enjoying their peach sencha since being sent some to help cope with the heat we have been having. i make it first thing in the morning. put it in the fridge and drink it over the day. its refreshing and i feel like i am having a treat but it’s not cool drink and has no added sugar. we all know i am a big fan of the cup of tea but this is a really refreshing way to hydrate in our weather.

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sometimes i feel like the only person who could wear a dress or a skirt everyday of the week. love them in summer as they are cool and just hang. i seriously have some that i bought in bali for just a few dollars that i could wear every day at the moment. wish i knew someone heading back soon that could pick me up a few more…maybe i should try to convince hubby to just go on a holiday!

yuu bag (review product)

we were sent the yuu bag to review. it can be a school backpack or an activity bag to take with you to restaurants or while travelling.this backpack is a more expensive school backpack than i would normally purchase for my kids. however the quality is exceptional. it has a large range of pockets for a range of things. such as game boards (which are included, game pieces, pencils, drink bottles etc.

they have really put a lot of thought into the construction of the bag to make it more ergonomically friends for our children’s little backs. it even has a safety whistle for children to use if needed. for a child that walked to school or caught public transport i think this bag would be great.

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i have put the one we were sent to review away. the way that it opens and you have to pull the whole front down isn’t ideal for my children for everyday use. however i really can see the value in this bag for when we travel. it’s a great size for the plane. a child could easily carry it themselves and pack useful and fun items for the trip.  they can play a game from inside the bag.

i would recommend this bag for travellers who want a quality carry-on for their kids that they carry themselves. or for those kids that live in cities and catch public transport and need something kind on their backs. i would also recommend as a family backpack for when the family visits restaurants or other places where quiet activities may be needed.

exceptional quality just not in our price range. rrp $94.95 visit the yuuworld website here to see other patterns and styles.

places to visit

  1. the perth mint – had such a great time and i wrote a post about it here.
  2. adventure world – we took the kids for the first time on the january school holidays. it was hot, it was busy but we had the best time. catered for the little kids through to the husband who loved the slides. we really had a great day out. definitely a great reward for the kids or something to get them to save towards.

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so tell me what have been some things you have loved over the last month!



perth mint

by annaleis topham (teapots and tractors) on february 13, 2015 · 4 comments

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on australia day this year we spent the day exploring our capital city perth in western australia. it was a very warm day which ended at the fireworks on the foreshore. it started however at the perth mint.

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{image credit}

to start with, it is the most glorious building of yesteryear right in the heart of the city. i like buildings and even the kids acknowledged the columns and the size of the building. it is also set in some gorgeous gardens which have a story all of their own. the perth mint does not make australian currency any more but mints many special coins for special occasions, collectibles  and countries.  it also still buys and sells gold for gold bullion. just in case you want some in your safe at home.

i had been to the perth mint about 14 years ago with my eldest daughter jordan. the others had never been. we signed up for the tour which meant that you also saw a gold pour happen. the tours run hourly and start with a tour guide taking you outside the building and sharing a bit about how the mint came to be in perth, the people who owned it and some of the biggest nuggets that have been found in western australia.

we then went inside where there are no photography rules because of security and watched a short film and explored the exhibits.

there was the chance to try to pick up a gold bullion in one hand – obviously secured in a special chamber you could only get your hand in. the kids and i could lift it but hubby could. show off!

we weighed ourselves and you will be pleased to know if i was sold on that day as gold i was worth $4, 307, 663.28! i know great value hey. it even had a printout so we could all keep it.

we saw gold nuggets of all sizes and from all over wa. we saw that sometimes they grow on other different rocks such as quartz and even saw one that had wrapped around a stick some how. i loved that it showed the harshness of the environment that so many came to looking to make their fortune and the tools they used. no large mining equipment then. the idea of setting off to the goldfields on a bicycle and only being able to carry what you could would be madness these days.

the gold pour was just amazing. the kids did not move through the whole demonstration. it truly does pour but cools so fast.

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both children made their own coin for $2 and we bought them $5 limited edition australia day coins made only for that day. we were only there for 90 minutes and it did cost $48 for our family of four to do the tour and see the gold pour. saying that i would highly recommend it for when you children are interested in our past or like mikala love money and the coins we have collected over the years.

i have to say i loved browsing their gift shop and there were some fabulous and unique gifts to purchase.

have you been to a mint? did you do any other historic sites on the holidays you could recommend anywhere in australia?


looking for movie help!

by annaleis topham (teapots and tractors) on february 10, 2015 · 9 comments

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i had a different post planned for today. then last night i was flicking through the channels after watching my kitchen rules (aren’t they all a bit disappointing this year…anyway) and saw that pitch perfect was on.

at first i thought i should record that and watch that later. like tomorrow when the kids are at school. then i started watching and could not stop! to say i loved it would be an understatement. though i didn’t like the vomit. i watched right to the end and really do wished i had recorded it so i could watch it again today.

it got me thinking…how many other great movies have i missed while i had my head stuck in the sand in the middle of motherhood.

it’s not easy getting to the movies. we live a few hours from a cinema. if i get down there without kids i am usually in a hurry and don’t have time for a 2 hour movie. with kids we are always watching great children’s animated movies which i usually enjoy but is definitely not the same. we only have 15gb of downloads which between 4 of us means downloading movies is not an option. the joys of living in the bush.

i used to love seeing the latest movies of all kinds. though i tend to be a romantic comedy, action comedy, drama, musical kind of girl. the first movie i had seen in ages that was made for adults was ‘the water diviner’ with russell crowe. really enjoyed it but should have read the part in the review when it said to take tissues.

so i need you help. i really do. i need you to help me to make a list of all the movies i should have seen and may not have in the last 8 years. i don’t mind what genre but if you loved it i want to know about it.

can you help me out?



how are you?

by annaleis topham (teapots and tractors) on february 6, 2015 · 25 comments

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i can tell you that four years ago i thought that sleeping 8 hours in one night was something i would never ever do again.

i thought that being able to go out for dinner or breakfast as a family was only a dream.

that taking kids shopping when we have limited time and just have to get things done would just not happen.

wait that last one i am still struggling with at times.

being a parent over the last 20 and a bit years has been a roller coaster ride i am so glad i am still on. having very small children and a teenager was not easy. being a parent at 18 was not easy. being a parent to a second child at 30 and a third at 32 was not easy either. but worth every second.

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i caught myself this week about to say to a mum who was tired and looking for a little compassion that it gets easier. you get sleep eventually. that cup of tea you have been trying to drink while it is hot or even warm does come. that taking the children out in public is possible and doesn’t involve (much) bribery and food at every turn of the supermarket aisle.

but i stopped.

she didn’t want to hear that. she wanted a warm cuppa and someone to just allow her to vent a little before she got back on to the job of parenting. she didn’t want to hear my war stories (that is how it felt for a while) just someone to listen and offer advice only when asked for.

her parenting journey isn’t any harder or easier than mine. each age group of your children presents a new set of challenges that i always thought i would be great at. seriously i had a first baby at 18 that slept through the night a few weeks after birth, at 30 sleeping was going to be the least of my worries. never been so wrong in my life!

reminding myself that each child is different is important.  each of our parenting journeys while similar are still different.

so if you are feeling very lucky to be out of the toddler/preschool stage of children remember that the parenting journey hasn’t ended its just changed. enjoy the ride and the chance to eat breakfast out with the family! before it’s too uncool to be seen out with mum and dad and the next challenge presents itself.

how are you? i hope you have a friend to make a cuppa for you or for you to make one for a friend that needs it.

{image credit 1}


packaging free lunchboxes

by annaleis topham (teapots and tractors) on february 3, 2015 · 8 comments

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around here at teapots and tractors we aim to be packaging free in the lunch boxes 90% of the time. i won’t say everyday or every lunch because the reality is sometimes it just doesn’t happen. we live rurally and the ‘best’ options aren’t always available. i also am uncomfortable sending the same things i send on swimming lessons days when the school lunches are not in a refrigerator.

yes i said fridge. we are lucky here that our lunches are kept in fridges as well as the students water bottles. the p&c makes sure this available for students.

saying this i don’t expect others to do the same as us. i have a couple of friends who do try. i have also seen that a number of schools are now promoting packaging free lunches. (or rubbish free lunches).

i’ve seen a number of commentors on other posts ask how can you do this each day. it took a bit of a mind shift for us to be able to do this. it required containers to keep the food airtight rather than wrapped in glad wrap in one lunch box. there are some great separated lunch boxes out there and for my own lunch when i work i use one like the easy lunchbox from little bento world.

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today’s lunchbox – not a lot of protein but we make up for that at breaky and dinner.

our kids have two shared fruit sessions – 1 at recess and one between recess and lunch. we send in a large piece of fruit to share for that. after fruit at recess the students are able to eat something else. i send in a home-baked treat usually for this. could be banana bread, small slice of cake, cookie. they have the option of eating this now or after they eat their lunch. i try to only bake on one day a week. i also make sure i freeze extras as i go along for those weekends we are away,or i have to work and have run out of time to bake.

so we have the snack in a separate container so the whole lunchbox/bag doesn’t have to come out of the fridge, and have the chance to spoil in the very warm weather.

at lunch time we have a sandwich or wrap, yoghurt and vegetable sticks. sometimes cheese, salads, meatballs, salmon patties (for hayden) or zucchini slice. these things are always left overs and it takes me no longer than 15 minutes to make lunches. usually making breakfast at the same time.

we do have times where we aren’t perfect. we use high fibre white bread when we can’t get wholemeal. we sometimes have flavoured yoghurt and i don’t sweat that the kids want just a jam or vegemite sandwich. i just make sure their breakfasts and dinners cater for the other dietary things that they need.

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my top tips for package free lunchboxes are:

  1. having the right containers or lunch box will help.
  2. buy in bulk – its cheaper and you can decant. yoghurt is definitely cheaper this way. so are things like sultanas.
  3. cater for your child’s meal time routines at school. our kids take their snack out at recess and leave most of their lunchbox in the fridge.
  4. plan ahead. planning to bake for lunches on weekends or do some bulk baking and freezing.

and finally

5. don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it right everyday.

do you have a top lunch box tip whether it be package free or not?

*you can see other posts about school lunches here and here. and nicole from planning with kids has some great ideas here too.


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