Farm Boy vs Baker Girl

by Annaleis Topham (Teapots and Tractors) on May 5, 2012

in Teapots and Tractors

Living in our house we have 2 girls and 2 boys! The Dad and the boy love to go to the farm, get dirty, play with tractors and get excited by the rain. The Mum (me!) and the little girl love to get pretty new things (shop), bake and dress up in nice clothes even if we are going to the farm!

Am I the only parent who thinks about whether I’m creating the stereotypes in my children? Since Hayden was small he has loved things with wheels. If he could have any toy in the room he would seek out the car or train or tractor. Mikala has loved things with faces. Dolls, animals and people – Things she could talk to.

Last week at the farm!

When I sent Hayden off to the farm with his packed lunch, ride on tractor (cause Dad might need a hand!), he had to be wearing jeans, boots and a farm shirt – one with buttons! He doesn’t ever get bored out there and is happy to follow his Dad around where ever and whatever he is doing.

Mikala did think she had a chance to go with her Dad today. So she got dressed – In her best jeans, pink belt, pretty T-shirt, purple gumboots and had her hair out with pretty clips in it! So to make up for the fact that she couldn’t go I have baked with her this morning, She can crack eggs and mix and use the sifter. She doesn’t get bored and will help with whatever I ask her. Even helps with the dishes!

Helping do her birthday cake last month!

Now Mikala does get to go the farm but she would rather play with her Grandma than go help out with farm stuff. And Hayden does get to help with cooking and baking, but he only lasts 5 minutes – usually just waiting to lick or taste something!

I am hoping that they both grow up being able to cook simple healthy food and that they can both be practical (not just pretty) and can help at the farm. And if it was the other way round I wouldn’t care. Some of the best chefs are men (Even I can admit that…just wished I’d married one…sorry babe!) and I know some pretty good Farmers that are women – particularly with stock.

I already have one determined, independent and gorgeous Daughter. So I will be happy if I can raise two more happy, independent children that can tackle anything that life throws at them. (But Mum will always be there to help pick up the pieces of course!)

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