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by Annaleis Topham (Teapots and Tractors) on February 1, 2012

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One of the things that you notice when school returns as a teacher is that some parents help their children to be more organised and some don’t. Its a pity as teaching kids how to look after their own belongings is a life skill.

Saying that, there are some children that find being organised is their biggest challenge for the day. Just finding a lead pencil can take 30 minutes and then they have turned everything upside down looking. So things just get more and more jumbled and messy.

So a few quick tips to help your child be able to look after their own belongings, be able to identify their own belongings and be able to find them when needed.

Hayden’s reading folder…It wasn’t blue so I have added some alien/space contact and now its ‘cool’!
  1. Label EVERYTHING! This includes clothing (especially hats and jumpers), stationary, all books, calculators, lunch boxes and water bottles.
  2. If your child is just starting school and can only recognise part of their name (not all children can write or recognise their name when they start) make sure they at least know the first letter. Make it prominent. Within a few weeks they will recognise their name….it will be unlucky if they are in a class with 3 Jacks or 3 Mollys, but if they are use their initial from their last name.
  3. Make your child aware of how you have labeled their belongings so they can identify and find things themselves.
  4. If you use stickers, kids can and do peel them off! Check their things at the end of each term.
  5. If you write on the item, you may need to check and rewrite. Remembering anything that is washed can wear off.
  6. DON’T label your child’s hat right where their forehead is. A bit of sweat and they have their name on their head.
  7. Don’t just replace what they have said they have lost. Check with their teacher, and in the depths of their trays (or where they store their belongings) and if the school has lost property check it. And if you happen to find Jack or Molly’s hat in their give to them, they probably don’t even know its missing! Their Mums (and Dads) will appreciate it!
Grandma embroidered his name on his Pillow for Kindy.

So for those of you that have already headed off to school…its not too late to do some extra labelling and for those like us here in Western Australia start labelling!

NB: If you do this well when they are young by year 5 they do the whole lot themselves! Although they do ask for the most expensive contact, stationary and labels!

This year I have ordered from Stuck on You . They had a great special and had the right mix of labels for us! Will let you know how they go when they get here! They had a technical problem which has delayed our order.

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