Happy 7th Birthday Hayden

by Annaleis Topham (Teapots and Tractors) on July 24, 2014 · 2 comments

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Today my son turns 7 years old. Hayden has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. He is a bubbly, happy boy who loves his family and cousins more than anything. He is cheeky and loves to tell jokes – especially bad Knock Knock Jokes. He helps me to see things from angles I would never have. He cares about his sisters and manages to survive them looking (bossing) after him.

Hayden Aged 7 years

He never lets you leave without a hug or ten even still at school. He likes chocolate cake but loves Lemon cake. He has an obsession with biscuits which has evolved from shortbread creams to Delta Creams to his current favourite Nice biscuits. He LOVES salmon patties and asks for them for tea every other night.

He asks a million questions to make sure he knows how something works or he doesn’t understand. He can use the iPad better than we can and can lost in a Minecraft or Clash of Clans game.

He loves playing football and kicking goals. He loves the Fremantle Dockers.

I just think he is my special wonderful boy who I wouldn’t change for anything. He makes my day is so many ways.

Happy 7th Birthday gorgeous boy and I can’t wait to spend so many more celebrating with you.


{WW} Ice Skating in the City

by Annaleis Topham (Teapots and Tractors) on July 22, 2014 · 16 comments

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Last week we went Ice Skating in the City and to see the 13 Storey TreeHouse Play at the State Theatre. It was a special day out for the kids. We started our day at a cafe for breakfast, then headed into the city and Hayden and Mikala had their first try at Ice Skating. honestly I haven’t improved at all over the years. But they had so much fun and want to do it all again.

july 2014 1

july 2014 2

july 2014 3

We then went to the play which was perfect for them. If you can share the books of the 13 or 26 or 39 Storey Treehouse books by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton with your children. Great books. The play was fantastic as well.

Mikala said it was her most favourite day ever!

Can you Ice Skate? What are the secrets?


People Watching – For Sale

by Annaleis Topham (Teapots and Tractors) on July 22, 2014 · 16 comments

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for sale

I’m a member of a couple of local Buy and Sell pages. You know the ones where you can pick up other people’s junk stuff and make it your own, all in your own backyard (or town).

The only things I have bought have been chooks because who doesn’t like a local breeder. I have sold an old cabinet or rather I gave it away for free. Generally I just give to my family – I have 3 nieces that love Mikala’s hand-me-down shoes and clothes. My Mum also knows some people who appreciate any other clothes.

But I find it really interesting to follow people’s buying and selling journeys. It’s like people watching at your local cafe except I don’t have to get out of my pjs.

The sellers …

There are those that just want to get rid of their stuff. Charging next to nothing for well looked after used things. The type of people who make you excited when they give you hand me down clothes. They are generally just trying to move things on to the next home because they have too much clutter or have upgraded.

There are those that need money and it has to be sold and picked up today by 5pm. Sometimes these people just want to be rid of the stuff. Although sometimes I find these people can be heart breakers.

There are some that truly believe that their dress that cost $40 is worth $35 because they have only worn it twice. And it’s now un-ironed hanging in a picture of an untidy room. And they ‘bump’ it to the top day after day as others sell very similar things for much less. I really wonder if these people ever look at what is selling and the values others have on it.

Then there are the buyers…

The stalkers – who seem to get all the best buys (this includes admins who end up with the best deals)

The shoppers – who treat the buy and sell pages like a retail outlet. They are smart, know what they want and the value of it.

The lucky ones – who actually are online at the right times for once (never me)

The unlucky ones – who miss out on what they have been looking for by seconds.

Do you shop on Facebook Buy and Sell pages? I saw a birdcage on one the other day I would’ve loved if I was on at the right time.

What do you do with your unwanted goods?


How to Make a Mini Pompom with a Fork

by Annaleis Topham (Teapots and Tractors) on July 16, 2014 · 4 comments

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I’ve been making mini pompoms to make a pompom garland to hang in my sewing room. Just a little decoration to brighten up the white space. I had a few requests to show you how I made them. My inspiration came from Pinterest as always however we have been making pompoms around all sorts of things for years. Hands and fingers are great. A pompom tool and the standard cereal boxes and cutting out circles.

What I like about using the fork is that you don’t have to have a lot of wool to make 20. I haven’t even used half a ball. The yard I have used is 100% Acrylic 8ply because I can’t work with Wool as it irritates my skin.

mini pompom

1. Cut a length of wool and thread through the middle of the fork prongs. Hold onto it along with the fork.

2. Wrap your wool around the fork quite firmly but not too tight. Don’t make it too big.

3. Using thread from point one tightly tie around the middle of the strands you have wrapped around. This is the most important step. It needs to be tied as tight as you can.

4. Take off fork. Using sharp scissors cut along the edges that are parallel to the thread that you tied.

5. Fluff out and trim to make pompom. I only ever had to trim a little.

Have you made any mini pompoms? What have you used them for?


Hat Organisation

by Annaleis Topham (Teapots and Tractors) on July 11, 2014 · 2 comments

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About a month ago I posted on Facebook asking people how they organised the endless stream of caps and hats that seem to make their way into our house. Each of us has at least 2 – probably more like 4 that we like to wear. Then we have the ones that have sneakily been added each time we attend some kind of event. Field days are great for hats!

Hubby wears these ‘field day’ caps to work and actually wears a few out a year. But not more than we receive. So I have sorted and given away the extras that we just don’t need. I found that we have 7 Fremantle Dockers hats (3 owned by Hayden alone!) So I am encouraging them to wear their hats. Might as well!


Storing them has been a problem. I don’t like them chucked in a basket because as we know little bugs will jump from one to the other and we are trying not to share. So after a clean out and purchasing a few inexpensive plastic hooks I have found a solution.


This cupboard is a broom cupboard in a our main living area. Perfect place for them. Now to just teach the kids and husband to hang them up here and when they can’t find one to look here first. (OR the back of the ute where there is always 2 or 3!)

How do you store / organise your hat / cap collection?

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