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by Annaleis Topham (Teapots and Tractors) on September 17, 2014 · 13 comments

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I started playing golf 2 and half years ago. It’s a bit daunting and there are many MANY rules to get my head around. But I find most of the time I really love it. I love that for the time you are playing you get to talk to some pretty fantastic women and that includes a walk mostly in the sunshine. Though sometimes we do play in the rain, wind and the occasional dust storm.

On Saturday we played Match Play against another town. The girls did well but the boys let us down and Watheroo won. I love this picture I took with my iPhone as they were putting on number 18. Sun setting and sensational spring weather.


One more game of golf for me this year and then I will be waiting for next year to try again. Might have to try to get to Perth for a hit on some grass where we don’t have to close the course for fear of wildlife, fire or it just being way to hot for golf.

Do you play golf?


Turning 38

by Annaleis Topham (Teapots and Tractors) on September 16, 2014 · 14 comments

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Next week I am turning 38. Not an age to be too worried about or even celebrated that much. Though I do love a good birthday party! (especially if it’s all about me!)

Next week I will celebrating in Bali with my members of my family including my Mum and Dad. But not including my kids or hubby who are staying home while I buy 23 presents. (That is how many Mikala has requested!) The kids are concerned about missing out on my party. So Monday night I am going to cook my own fantastic dinner and birthday cake so that we can have a little family celebration. As you know when you are 5 it is all about the cake!

With that sorted out I have been thinking that I am not that ‘young’ anymore in terms of age. I have bought a dress from Forever New and I have spent a couple of nights worrying that it might be too short or ‘young’ looking for me. It really isn’t that short I just tried it on again. But it’s the little things I think we waste too much time thinking about that are worrying me.

I really don’t care what anyone else wears so why should I worry about what other people might think of me. If I want to wear a short skirt (by my definition) it’s still going to be 6 inches longer than what my nearly 20-year-old is wearing. Just because I have a nearly 20-year-old doesn’t mean I can’t shop at the same stores as her. We have completely different tastes in clothes anyway.

Can you see all the ‘stuff’ going around in my head lately?

I have a 7-year-old telling me to screw up my forehead so he can see ALL my lines. Then runs his fingers along them. (Great promotion for botox right there!) I have a shoulder that is telling me it needs a rest and can’t keep going at the pace I am trying to. I have feet that disagree with me wearing high heels for too long anymore (reminder to try not to break your little toe!).


No make up in my Monet & Lily Threads  Skirt

On the flip side…I am fitter than I have been in years (probably since a teenager). I am at the same weight I was when I met my husband and am very happy where I am at health wise. I have a few greys but I see them as the best excuse to spend some quality time with my hairdresser.

So I plan on having a fantastic 38th Birthday next week. I am going to try more than 1 cocktail (maybe even more than 2!). I am going to appreciate that I am here for my kids and that by being fitter and healthier we can do more fantastic things in the future.

Do birthdays worry you or do you just celebrate?

Do you think 23 different hair clips and lackies counts as separate presents?


Footy Season End in Sight

by Annaleis Topham (Teapots and Tractors) on September 12, 2014 · 3 comments

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I was talking to my lovely beautician this morning about football. You know, as I was getting my eyebrows waxed and shaped back into eyebrows not things with a life of their own. We were talking about how much we look forward to the end of the Winter sport weekends. I totally agree with her that it is so nice to grab those weekends back and make them your own.

We started with both children doing Hook into Hockey (Minkey) on a Saturday. Kids loved this and it only went for one term which was a win. At the same time Hayden started Auskick on a Sunday morning. Often we had to travel (which we didn’t mine) just meant Sunday morning is wiped out as well. Chuck in trying to watch the ladies play hockey occasionally, the odd weekend of golf the weekends are gone.

Add to that the football on the television which hubby just has to watch. I understand that he watches his team play but I do get a bit over watching ALL the other games every chance he gets. As much as he hates me saying it but I can’t wait for the AFL season to be over. So we don’t have to plan our weekends around a Fremantle Dockers game.

Dockers Kids

Rich is off to the game on Saturday night to watch Port and the Dockers play to stay in the finals series. With my team Carlton out I don’t really care and I’m happy to be catching up with friends for a belated birthday. Quite frankly even if they were in I would happy to catch up with friends rather than watch a game on the TV.

Major dilemmas will happen over the next weekend if the Dockers win this Saturday night. They will probably play Saturday night again and the big dance concert for Mikala is on at the exact same time. Being the good Dad that he is, I know he will be at the dance concert, but I can envisage his phone being checked every 2 minutes. So I will apologise to the dance families in advance for any cheering happening from the back corner.

So just because I like a happy peaceful household – I hope the Fremantle Dockers win to keep the husband happy and also the gorgeous kids that follow their Dad’s team.

Is your team still in the finals?

Do you get a break for your weekends before Summer sports start? We have tennis on soon!


{WW} Storey Treehouse Series

by Annaleis Topham (Teapots and Tractors) on September 10, 2014 · 12 comments

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Yesterday we were able to make my son’s day by purchasing the 4th book in the Storey TreeHouse series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. He isn’t able to read them all on his own yet but they make excellent read aloud and sharing books. He highly recommends them to both boys and girls aged 5 – 11 years.

As a teacher I love that they show you how they write a book within the story including doing the illustrations. How they come up with ideas and that they have huge imaginations and that any thing is possible. They had me excited at the thought of a Catnary (Cat crossed with a canary) in the very first book. They are fun and have created the most interest in this house in regards to reading ‘novels’.

So if you kids think having a shark infested pool or a machine that shoots marshmallows then this series of books is for them.

Storey Tree House

What book series are your kids into at the moment?

Do you read to your kids at bedtime? We do every night.

Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys and Kylie Purtell: A Study in Contradictions


Hairstyles for Girls

by Annaleis Topham (Teapots and Tractors) on September 9, 2014 · 9 comments

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Over the last couple of months I have been sharing my attempts at some great hairstyles for girls. Trying them out on Mikala’s long blonde hair. You guys seem very interested because honestly if I can do them so can you! So I thought I would put them all in to one blog post and then update it as we try a new one. So keep checking back for new fun hair styles for your little girl or even for you.

Ballerina Bun

This one was a little tricky but the Ballerina Bun really did keep all the hair up and off her face for dancing classes. The Tutorial can be found HERE

ballerina bun

{Left Image Pin}

Ladder Braid

This one is a just a ponytail with a braid running down one side. Best tried in very long thick hair. For a tutorial go HERE


{Left Image Pin}

Criss Cross Ponytails

This one was fun and took a lot of time. You been quite a few little lackies to make this one work – but other than that is relatively simple to achieve on many hair lengths.


{Left Image Pin}

So please remember to check back and see any new styles we have to share with you.

Please note I could not find the link other than on Pinterest for the third picture. If anyone finds it anywhere I would love to link to the original.

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