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On the last day of term 1 our kids in the Junior room at school were told not to come to school as only Superheroes were allowed at school that day. They had been looking at superheroes from the cartoons as well as real life heroes. It was a great theme especially for some of the boys in the classroom.

My kids don’t have superhero costumes but they had no trouble coming up with some ideas out of the dress up box and their wardrobes to create “Dinosaur Boy” and “Heart Girl”! Mikala and I even added a sign to a singlet of hers and pinned dinosaurs on to Hayden’s magic cape and belt. He even wore his bather pants over the top of a pair of Mikala’s leggings! I thought they looked great and so did they!

superheroAnd a quick one just for the superhero in us all…

Batman Quote

{Image Credit}

Which Superhero would you like to be?

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Small Wins

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At the home of Teapots and Tractors we are racking up the small wins lately. The ones that you wonder if will ever happen and the ones that others don’t even have to worry about.

Over the weekend on Instagram (you can follow me here) I posted a picture of Hayden making his own breakfast – it was only a jam sandwich, with no butter and no crust like always. But he managed to get it all out himself make it good enough for him to be happy and then eat it as well.


I honestly thought this day would ever come. He is very much happy to let others do these types of tasks for him. It’s just this year he has started selecting his own clothes, getting them out of the drawers and dressing himself. He still takes the easy way out if I let him – wearing sandals and often no underwear. But he is dressed! Though it would be nice not to say to him 17 times to do it before he does.

Our baby in the family Mikala was a wonderful baby and toddler eating anything you put in front of her (except tomato). At about aged 3 she developed some very fussy habits. Some of it picked up from her brother some I think from her developing taste buds.

This weekend she has eaten a chicken and salad wrap (with no tomato) and asked for another one tomorrow. Chicken is something she usually doesn’t eat and definitely no lettuce….no complaints in the wrap.

I also mentioned this on Facebook and that I was making a salad called Rocks, Sticks and Leaves. Great simple salad that has pine nuts in it. She is sitting there snacking on pine nuts which I have NEVER seen her eat before. She then proceeded to ask if there were any other nuts in the house for her to try. I had almonds and unsalted peanuts – the almonds were a winner. Apparently her friend Heidi from school has nuts in her lunchbox. Amazing that a peer from school has had a good influence on her.

So I hope you don’t mind but here at Teapots and Tractors we will be celebrating the small wins as well as the big ones. And I’m not afraid to share with you all. And I’d love it if you share with us as well.

Added note: I had a small win too – bought a Caramello Egg just for me – had one bite and thought to myself, “You don’t need this!” And threw it out. Working on my little chocolate addiction one day and chocolate at a time!

So tell me – what small wins have you had in your family lately?

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{Review & Giveaway}

I really have to organise myself to print photos out. I get a little overwhelmed with the sheer volumes that we are able to take. We can use our traditional cameras, our phones, our iPads and the list goes on. I just don’t get around to printing all of them out. I do thank fully Back them up safely so that I always have them though. (See my #BackUpDay Posts for more information.)

My children love to have photos of their own to stick in their rooms or give to their cousins but I have not printed any for them in a while. So I decided that the gorgeous lightweight purse sized printer I was sent to review would be used for the kids. (and obviously I may NEED to use it!) They aren’t old enough to share pictures on social media and with much debate about over sharing I want to teach them that it is ok to share the actual picture with your family and friends in the more traditional manner.

Let me tell you a little more about Pringo.

Pringo uses an App on your iOS or Android mobile device and WIFI to print your photos. It is instant and fun and reminds me a little of the polaroid camera except that by using the App you can edit and decorate your photos before you print them.

It is small enough to carry with you in your purse. The printer is rechargeable and I know it doesn’t really count …but looks so cool!

Pringo 1

The pictures that you print are smaller than a standard photo being only 2×3.4inches. I have found this size handy for scrapbooking and Project Life pictures and great for kids to share.

By following the instructions I was able to set it up to print from my phone. Mikala and I sat on her bed and printed out some thank you tags for some pictures she is drawing to say thank you for the presents she received for her birthday last week. She added stars and some text. So easy!

Pringo 3Taking photos of the pics really don’t do the quality of them justice!

Then we called Hayden down and took a cute rabbit pic and together created an Easter Gift tag for the teacher gifts we had made – Chocolate Bunny Tails and Lego Men Chocolates.

Pringo 4

I really think the Pringo would be a great present for a teenager. So many fun editing options and uses for the pictures. To be able to keep printing you need to order the paper and printer ribbon online. (Pringo will hopefully be available later in the year in retail stores.) They come in packs of 30 or 100 and come together. You may like to consider the cost of the ribbon and paper if you are purchasing. Great little reward for chores.

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Win your very own Pringo!

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Last week for Mikala’s birthday wish we spent an afternoon at the Perth Zoo as a family. It is the one place she will ask to go to over and over again. She loves it. It was a gorgeous day for a day of wandering around and checking what the animals have been up to, having an ice-cream and joking that Dad and Hayden maybe should stay and live with the Baboons!

Zoo 2014 collage

Where is your child’s favourite place to visit? Do you like the zoo too?

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Reflecting on the Past – Primary School

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Do you ever attend things and they make you reflect, remember things from the past. this morning I attended our school ANZAC service that the students hosted. It’s a small service and they did a great job of it.

It was as they were singing I started to think about Mrs Mansom. Our choir teacher and my year 4 teacher. She was one of those women that could belt out a tune and she would need no microphone, and could hold any tune. She taught my Mum and Uncle as well and even had my eldest daughter for relief before she passed away while on holiday.

She was a character. When I was in year 4 she would tell us she was 108! We believed her! She loved making sure you followed the rules, had perfect handwriting (which I didn’t) and taught spelling in a way that I will never forget. I know my times tables and spelling rules from the year of repeating them over and over again to start our lessons.

She also taught choir. If you could sing you could be in the choir. She would not have you if you couldn’t. We had to try out each year with her on the piano and singing scales. Although choir was elective so that you didn’t have to do it. I know my Uncle upset her because he chose his mates over the choir.

Scan 3

I’m attempting to the play the flute at the local shopping centre.

Being in the choir meant that you were able to sing down at the local church hall for the older people in the area, the choir was able to sing for Queen Elizabeth II when she visited Geraldton in 1988. Although I didn’t. I had to choose between that and walking the railway track between Northampton and Geraldton. That involved a camp and it was a lot of fun.

As well as Mrs Mansom my years at Primary School were pretty idyllic. Our school was across the road from the beach so we would often study oceans and end up down there exploring. In the years of no air-conditioning, we would end up down on the bottom oval in just out T-shirts and bloomers and run through the big sprinklers they had.

My year 6 teacher taught us lots of 70′s classics and with the teacher next door we would have guitar and singing sessions regularly. I still sing a lot of those songs to the kids today.

It would cost 40c for a Count Choc which was a mint flavoured ice-cream covered in chocolate. And I loved toasted cheeses with vegemite! We would order our lunch on every second Friday and I nearly always had a pie and sauce!

We also didn’t stop. We would get to school at 8am (not allowed to do that now) to play whatever sport we were into at the time. tennis was a big one on the courts with the plastic rackets. Netball, basketball, cricket, football. Us girls were banned from footy quite regularly as we were a bit rough on the boys. If it was athletics we practised pass ball and leader ball every single lunch and recess break.

Scan 4

I’m on the bottom left!

I loved primary school. Sitting there today I really hope that my kids can look back when they are older and remember with fondness their time at Primary school. And really realise how much fun and the wonderful opportunities their teachers and parents gave them.

Were you in the choir at school?

Did you have a choir leader like Mrs Manson?

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